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hi! I was reading the OCD tags and found this blog. Though many of your posts focus on "compulsions", very few really touch on the "obsession" part of this disorder. i am just pointing this out because it gives a false idea about what OCD really is. Wanting things to be neat and organized is more of a side effect than a cause. it is fine if you keep your memes, but please let others know the reality of this debilitating disease and stop perpetuating "so OCD" as an adjective. Thanks!

First of all, I’d like to thank you for bringing this to my attention, I didn’t realize that’s how this blog was coming off.
I mostly just publish submissions rather than making them myself; I try to avoid things that seem like they aren’t actually about having OCD and fall more into the misuse of ‘OCD’ as an adjective.
That being said, I also don’t want to censor anybody whose trying to express themselves/share their personal experiences with OCD or decide that their experience is less valid, so I try to post everything that comes through.
I actually do have OCD myself and I’m currently unmedicated and trying to find my own ways to cope with it until I figure out if I want medication or not. I had no intent of perpetuating a false idea of what this disorder is. The only reason I don’t have many posts that display the obsession part of the disease is because I don’t get many of them submitted or find any in the tags.
That being said, if any of you would like to see representation of other aspects of this disorder or would like to use this blog as a medium to express or share your experiences please don’t be shy about submitting things! I’m trying to be more active and I’m looking into resources and stuff to share but I would love for this to be a collaborative, open space for everyone!
Okay, long post, I hope everybody has a wonderful day, and thank you all for your time!

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